Read the interview by journalist Patrizia Arena for the Dutch inspirational photography magazine ‘Shutr’

For multimedia artist Jeronimus van Pelt (1970), the starting point of all his works is an idea. Whether he makes a sculpture or film or shoots someone’s portrait, his method is conceptual, with lyrical, highly personal results that undeniably bare his unique touch. 

In his second year at the Rietveld Academy art school in Amsterdam, the tragic bumping into a deer on the motorway in Germany resulted in a statue of the victim, ‘Hertje’ (1996), in a range of colours. Over 300 copies of ‘Hertje’ were sold in The Netherlands and Germany. 

Van Pelt’s pleasant childhood memories of a Chinese restaurant in his native Maastricht resulted in ‘Lotus Dreams’ (1997): a precise, 3D-reconstruction of this very place in The Hague where Van Pelt dined every night for a week with a mixed group of artists. He also choreographed and filmed a ballet with dancer Lisa Drake, for which the starting point was the dreamlike decor (1999).

In recent years, Van Pelt has worked mostly as a portrait photographer, creating detailed, poetic decors for his subjects to pose in. The goal each time is telling their own, personal stories, as lyrical as they are ‘real’. Members of literary society De Witte in The Hague (2010-2015) and student fraternity Minerva in Leiden (2014) as well as members of De Nederlandse Opera were all given the Van Pelt-treatment, resulting in series of vibrant, highly engaging portraits that require multiple looks to be fully appreciated.

Over the years, Van Pelt’s art work has featured in many solo and group exhibitions and been bought by both private and public collectors.

With his new-founded brand Medium Deluxe, Van Pelt is currently branching out and finding new, real-life applications for his unique vision. The ultimate dream, he says, is designing a hotel chain that bears his signature all over, from window art to room and furniture design. With his strong focus and eye for detail, it is only a matter of time.